Betsy Townsend

I’m Elizabeth Townsend from Newquay, Cornwall. I’m 20 years old and I am a competitive short boarder.

At the moment I am only a shortboarder and do not compete much, however I am looking to enter more competitions in the 2017 season all over the UK. I am currently in Sri Lanka where I will be practicing long boarding as the waves are perfect for it.

My previous competition experience has been little local competitions as well as British and English nationals, getting my best results in boardmasters 2015. I will have a lot of video analysis and coaching available to me in Sri Lanka so will be using that to improve my competition performances.

My plans for 2017 are to enter more competitions such as the UK pro tour and board masters and get involved with more long boarding and hopefully SUP as well. I am also planning on going to Portugal to coach which should offer similar promotional opportunities as Sri Lanka by getting footage.

During the summer months at home I work as a surf instructor for the surf sanctuary and quiksilver surf school as well as working on my level 2 qualification by coaching my own team of groms. From October to June I am free to travel so this year have spent my time in Sri Lanka working at Soul and Surf and then Sunshine Stories, where I am now until mid April. After Sri Lanka I am hoping for work in Portugal then back home.
Elizabeth Townsend surfer