Links to Rider Sessions and Videos

The final sessions Jbay. Katrina Beddoe.

The last sessions on those last 2 days at J-Bay before flying home to Cornwall. Alot of hang fives and stretch cheater fives. Even in poor conditions in J-Bay it’s better than the usual days here!

Cross Stepping Techniques

A video talking about girl surfers cross stepping techniques. Women longboarders rock and look so stylish. I’m still learning but this is me so far!

Many Faces of JBAY

A special edit for the British Longboard Union back home in Blighty from my three month adventure here in J-Bay, South Africa. We have thus far been blessed with almost constant swell and most days favorable winds to surf in.
The area is a truly perfect longboarding destination for all levels of surf ability. The locals accept you if you’re respectful and there are never the crowds we know from home.

Nearby are safari drives and majestic landscapes to visit and explore. South Africa is wild yet endearing holding your heart forever once you land here.

Music by; Corona-A journey by Taylor Steele and ‘Jammin’ acoustic pedal loop Bob Marley cover.

Lazy Sunday in January 2017 with Jenny Pendlebury

Credit to

JenPen x Seduction Surf Co… doing the longboard air guitar in Sri Lanka 2016

Some clips put together Nick Holgren and edited by Seduction, filmed on location somewhere in Sri Lanka, a few places actually. Board is a 9’1″ x 22″ x 2 5/8″ 2plus1 custom PU by Seduction Surf Co


Death in Vegas

Twist and Crawl