Rockerline lifestyle clothing has appeared in the press this month featured in an editorial in Your Mag.
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The article reads:

20 Year Pipe Dream

“We are all about getting amongst it and having a go – whether this be surfing, skateboarding, kiting, climbing, wakeboarding, biking, snowboarding or windsurfing. We draw inspiration from nature’s routes, lines, waves and runs to inspire our brand.”
In 1992, student Darren Bristow started to produce oneoff T-shirts for his friends to help support his studies at Rotherham College of Arts and Technology. Twenty years on he is married with a family and working during the week as a computing lecturer, whilst enjoying extreme sports at the weekend.


lt was his interest in extreme sports that led him to paint surf-style designs onto Tshirts during his college days – designs that have stood the test of time on clothing that is still being worn (albeit a little threadbare!). Despite his choice of career, the idea of one day owning a global surf brand and seeing people wear his designs has been the pipe-dream for the last 20 years, and now with the help of friend and fellow extreme sports enthusiast Matt Bartlam, he believes the time is right to make that dream become a reality.


Together they have created their own global surfing brand – Rockerline Clothing – which produces quality clothing for men and women that is designed to withstand the demands of the sports they love – surfing, skateboarding, kiting, climbing, biking, snowboarding and windsurfing – whilst still retaining their wearability for everyday life.


They believe that their firsthand, personal knowledge of the sports they have enjoyed for the past 20 years enables them to understand what makes extreme sports clothing work, and already their lifestyle clothing has been endorsed by one of the UK’s largest surf brands.


Their company is just a small seed at the moment, with only a few T-shirts in the range, but their plan is to compete with the best and provide quality clothing that also has minimal impact on the environment. Both Darren and Matt live in North Anston and they understand the importance of keeping it local, even though they think globally. They use local businesses MoJo Photography and OneCiick Print to help Support the local economy.


As for where they will be in 20 years’ time, well that’s a tricky one… but hopefully your wardrobe favourite!