Well I suppose it had to come, I’ve got some serious decisions ahead of me and the time is fast approaching to make them. As many of you will know back in 2012 at the age of 14 I was given the opportunity to try out Formula kit by Chris Bond, this came just at the right time for me as I was becoming a little disillusioned with the windsurfing Techno racing scene as at 5,11” and weighing in at nearly 9 1/2 stone techno kit was just not my bag, if it blew over 14 knots then I was in with a chance but anything below that I sank miserably and was always chasing the pack. As it happened at Mumbles Chris saw me and asked if I’d fancy a go on Formula kit and I met him at Rutland water and jumped on a starboard 147 and a 9 metre sail and that was me sold, this kit was fast, really fast I loved the speed and the adrenaline rush it gave me as I’d fly past all the other sailors on other kit, so again thanks to my parents I was kitted out and by August I started competing with the Formula squad. To be honest it’s had it’s up’s and downs but in fairness it’s been awesome, I’ve bagged 4 Formula Youth Championship titles, 1 National title, 1 overall Inland title, in Poland 2nd Formula Youth and at the 2014 World Youth and Masters 4th Junior andso it’s fair to say that it’s been a great time. I’ve had many a kit issue which at the time caused me to throw a couple of tantrums to be honest but Formula is definitely the way to go at Cup Series events that’s for sure. Since being sponsored by Severne and using there incredible sails I’ve got better and better and managed at Christchurch to get a 3rd Overall and my first race win in front of Dave Coles, which believe me is one hell of an achievement.. It has to be said, he’s fast and very good and fortunately my team mate in Severne and after the win he was the first to congratulate me and say how well I sailed, it goes without saying I was chuffed.

So, Bridlington Cup Series Event 3. If you’ve read my previous blog you will already know that my dad wasn’t able to come to this event which was a little sad as I was leaving straight after to start my job at Plas Menai. Mum was there though to support as usual and to check that my van was ok to sleep in and drive, it is ace, a brilliant van I love it.. The event well that wasn’t so good, the wind blew and the sea as usual with Bridlington was very choppy, I decided that my 10 metre would be ok as I’d nailed 25 knots in Poland on my 10 so I thought I’d got this… Errr.. No, straight out, got flying, quick gybe, start to get going then a big hole, big fall straight threw the front of my HWR.. absolutely gutted, dashed back in as quickly as possible and then it dawned on me, NO DAD.!! I have to be very grateful for a very calm parent who stood there and said that someone here must be able to sort me out and get me back on the water, not a chance I thought it was a hell of a crack and it would take some serious work to get it mended, then enter Guy Bassett, another amazing dad who ran to the rescue sorted out my board and made it water tight and got me back out onto the water for race two, by which time I’d downsized to my 9 metre. The rest of the weekend I didn’t do to badly obviously a DNC for my board smash then I got a 4th 4th (12DNC) 3rd and came overall 5th which is a bit gutting as if I’d have not gone over and smashed my board on the first race I’d have got on the podium for sure, still can’t change what happens and that’s windsurfing for you I guess, next up Weymouth.