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Decisions Decisions – James Battye

Well I suppose it had to come, I’ve got some serious decisions ahead of me and the time is fast approaching to make them. As many of you will know back in 2012 at the age of 14 I was given the opportunity to try out Formula kit by Chris Bond, this came just at the right time for me as I was becoming a little disillusioned with the windsurfing Techno racing scene as at 5,11” and weighing in at nearly 9 1/2 stone techno kit was just not my bag, if it blew over 14 knots then I was in with a chance but anything below that I sank miserably and was always chasing the pack. As it happened at Mumbles Chris saw me and asked if I’d fancy a go on Formula kit and I met him at Rutland water and jumped on a starboard 147 and a 9 metre sail and that was me sold, this kit was fast, really fast I loved the speed and the adrenaline rush it gave me as I’d fly past all the other sailors on other kit, so again thanks to my parents I was kitted out and by August I started competing with the Formula squad. To be honest it’s had it’s up’s and downs but in fairness it’s been awesome, I’ve bagged 4 Formula Youth Championship titles, 1 National title, 1 overall Inland title, in Poland 2nd Formula Youth and at the 2014 World Youth and Masters 4th Junior andso it’s fair to say that it’s been a great time. I’ve had many a kit issue which at the time caused me to throw a couple of tantrums to be honest but Formula is definitely the way to go at Cup Series events that’s for sure. Since being sponsored by Severne and using there incredible sails I’ve got better and better and managed at Christchurch to get a 3rd Overall and my first race win in front of Dave Coles, which believe me is one hell of an achievement.. It has to be said, he’s fast and very good and fortunately my team mate in Severne and after the win he was the first to congratulate me and say how well I sailed, it goes without saying I was chuffed.

So, Bridlington Cup Series Event 3. If you’ve read my previous blog you will already know that my dad wasn’t able to come to this event which was a little sad as I was leaving straight after to start my job at Plas Menai. Mum was there though to support as usual and to check that my van was ok to sleep in and drive, it is ace, a brilliant van I love it.. The event well that wasn’t so good, the wind blew and the sea as usual with Bridlington was very choppy, I decided that my 10 metre would be ok as I’d nailed 25 knots in Poland on my 10 so I thought I’d got this… Errr.. No, straight out, got flying, quick gybe, start to get going then a big hole, big fall straight threw the front of my HWR.. absolutely gutted, dashed back in as quickly as possible and then it dawned on me, NO DAD.!! I have to be very grateful for a very calm parent who stood there and said that someone here must be able to sort me out and get me back on the water, not a chance I thought it was a hell of a crack and it would take some serious work to get it mended, then enter Guy Bassett, another amazing dad who ran to the rescue sorted out my board and made it water tight and got me back out onto the water for race two, by which time I’d downsized to my 9 metre. The rest of the weekend I didn’t do to badly obviously a DNC for my board smash then I got a 4th 4th (12DNC) 3rd and came overall 5th which is a bit gutting as if I’d have not gone over and smashed my board on the first race I’d have got on the podium for sure, still can’t change what happens and that’s windsurfing for you I guess, next up Weymouth.

James Battye – Rollrcoaster Ride

Well it’s been quite a while since I last did my blog and to my sponsors RRD-Dave White, Severne, Rockerline Clothing, IFJU Fins and Juiceboardsports I apologise. For anyone who reads my blog it will not go un-noticed that the support team of my parents is paramount to how far I’ve come so it was a shock to say the least to find out that my dad has been diagnosed with Cancer, on the 1st June to be exact, as always that didn’t stop them doing what they do best and they carried on with the arrangements of getting my new van sorted and kitted out so that I could carry on and pursue the life that I have always dreamed of and for that I will be forever grateful. The van looks great and although not quite finished, still got to line the living space, it is brilliant and I can sleep in it and all my kit goes in it, great job dad, not that I expected anything less from you, as always putting others first and especially me and my brother. So since that dreadful news we’ve had Harwich, Clacton-on-sea and Worthing events..

So, Harwich and Slalom event 3 – The forecast looked rubbish on Saturday and so it was…. it was a hot sunny relax kind of day, gave everyone time to catch up and socialise or sort out any kit, it was as always great to listen to everyone and it did give my parents time to tell everyone what was going on. It is amazing how when things are tough the windsurfing community gather together and are really supportive about it all and for that we are all very grateful. So we waited for Sunday to arrive hoping for much better things, and we got it. The wind built nicely through the morning and once I’d seen the safety crew go out and start laying the course I knew we were on. We managed 3 races and although I felt I was doing some really good gybe’s and getting closer to reaching the Gold final I made the odd small error causing me to get a 13th, 13th and 14th leaving me overall 13th in the event, not my best performance I have to admit but I’m not dropping my gybe’s as much anymore which I am more than happy with and I’m certainly feeling great improvements in my overall sailing.

Rollercoaster Ride

The next stop was Clacton-on-sea, everyone was really looking forward to this event, prize money up for grabs made everyone real keen, I obviously knew that none of it would be coming my way but it was a great event and a lot of effort had been put in by the council, what with the Slalom event going on and then Kite surfing and SUPing all running together at different parts of the beach it was a great event, even a stage with live music was put on which was fantastic. On Saturday we were given some lovely weather not really any good to go windsurfing but still lovely warm sunny weather. With prize money up it was decided to at least try to do something so we tried a fun race which believe me was not fun at all, no wind and mainly pumping around the course was exhausting and not a pleasure in anyway, well done to Ross Williams who glided nicely along coming in first place but then what would you expect from Mr Williams!!! Sunday gave us more but having said that not masses and it came and went giving not brilliant conditions to race in, two races were run and I came 18th overall, not too happy about that I can tell you. I have to say a big thanks to the race crew, mum included, who had to rush back out on the water as the tide took all us sailors out towards the Pier and we all had to be rescued by them, took them a while but they managed to get us all back on shore safely so it just goes to show that they are more than capable of keeping us all safe. Well done to Ross for winning the Pro fleet and to Scotty for first U17 and Youth and 4th Overall, great achievement. Leaving the venue I couldn’t help but think that living near Leeds really doesn’t do anything for windsurfing training when you are wanting to take it seriously, still with only a few days left until I finish college and a job waiting for me at Plas Menai I’m hoping that I may just get some more water time to get me further up the results table.

Shop Images

Worthing, my mum’s favourite place, the rougher the sea the happier she is and as it happened it was rough, really rough. Unfortunately my dad was struggling due to a biopsy having complications and him feeling really poorly, but he insisted on coming especially as I’d missed him when I left straight from a Cup Series event at Bridlington, he was unfortunately in hospital, my mum though with dads insistence had come to the event on her own to see me off. So this was the first time I’d driven my van from Wales to an event and a hell of a seriously long 7hr drive it turned out to be arriving at 12.30am, but true to form there she stood waiting for me, mum. So Saturday arrived and it was blowing 28-32knots game on… This I have to say was my best event so far I managed to complete all 7 races and got into the Gold final everytime bar 2 that I discarded, this was heaven, at last I’d got it right the wind was perfect for me, my gybe’s were just about spot except a couple that I just dropped slightly causing me to lose places. Bob Ingram and Mum on the start boat managed over the weekend to do 2 rounds of 8 in the morning and 2 rounds of 8 in the afternoon and the same again on Sunday, this was Slalom at it’s best, it was fast and windy and bumpy but brilliant. I got a 10th, 7th, 10th, 9th and 9th and at last came 1st Pro Youth Overall. The weekend overall was fantastic and I have to give a mention to Bob and my mum, Bob purely because to sit on that start boat for the weekend when you suffer so badly with sea sickness is brilliant and to my mum who it has to be said did all the flags, all the race numbers on the boards, the start flags, the class flags and everything else that she could to get the races going and to help Bob not have to look down at any point so that he didn’t feel quite as ill, I know she’s my mum but she definitely did good and that’s not just me saying it, she was brill and the event was great. So I at last got the results I was looking for, I still need so much more time on the water to get better but at least I know that it’s there and I can achieve it if I get the chance. A massive thanks to Fanatic/North/K66 for the boom that I received for coming 1st Pro Youth and for yet again putting on a great event. Also a big thanks to the safety crew for everything.

So that’s my big catch up, a Rollercoaster ride I think you’ll agree, I hope that it won’t be long before my personal support crew is back up to full capacity but until then I wish my parents all the very best for any and all up and coming treatments, but one thing is for sure, you’ll more than likely see them both at the up and coming events doing what they do because that’s just what they do and I appreciate them both very much for it… So it’s back to Plas Menai to my Job, which I have to say I love, it’s great working in a National Watersports Centre right by the sea, time to windsurf when’s there is wind and if there isn’t well there is always the pool on site and the gym on site or even the mountain bike trial to go on….

Lastly a massive thank you to my great sponsors, RRD/Severne/IFJU/Rockerline Clothing/Juiceboardsports.

Rockerline Competition

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Rockerline Sponsor Charity Event

Rockerline have sponsored a charity event held by Safe@last.

A GROUP of intrepid fundraisers will set off for the challenge of a lifetime. – climbing the world’s highest freestanding mountain for charity. The 22 climbers are off to tackle Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to raise money for Dinnington-based children and young people’s charity Safe@Last. Climbers young and old are taking part, with oldest in their 70s and the youngest in their early 20s. The team aims to reach the ice-capped summit of the Mountain at 5,895m above sea level, in the early hours of Thursday 11th October after a gruelling six full days trekking and very basic living conditions. They will have to walk through sweltering heat in the day and try to keep warm in their tents during the freezing nights. “Now this special group are taking on the longest and highest challenge yet. The efforts of these hero’s and all their supporters will make this event the biggest and most successful fundraiser SAFE@LAST has ever had.”


“Every step they take on this 8 day climb will raise much needed funds to help some of the most vulnerable young people in South Yorkshire.” To support the team, sponsor them at www.virginmoneygiving.com/kili2012 or for more information visit www.safeatlast.org.uk

Rockerline at Juice Boardsports Demo Day

Rockerline had a stand at Juice Boardsports 2012 Demo day at held at Fraisthorpe
juice-demo2   juice-demo1

Juice boardsports put on another outstanding demo day and we were proud to be invited to participate in the event. We can’t wait for next years!


Check out Juice Boardsports at www.juiceboardsports.co.uk.

Rockerline featured in Gossip Magazine

Rockerline lifestyle clothing has appeared in the press again this month featured in an editorial in Gossip Magazine.

The article reads:

How long u lived in Anston?

I have lived in and out of Anston since the age of 8. I love this place and what it stands for. My family has been here for generations.

Hobbies interests?

Is this a trick question! I live for those days which bring wind, waves and snow. I love the elements and flowing with natures routes, lines, and waves. Ive just started getting into climbing with Matt but you can often find me windsurfing, kiting, snowboarding or surfing.

What made u start in business?

I’ve always thought that entrepreneurs were big worldly figures, and that the skills I had didn’t match those required to start a business, but after 20 years of dreaming about the idea, the only way to find out was to take a punt. That’s when I hooked up with long term friend and Business partner Matt Bartlam. We share a passion for the elements, so based on that common goal we started Rockerline clothing.

Who came up with name Rockerline?

We worked on the name for months, but every brand name we thought of was already taken, I spent countless hours researching a name that would capture the essence of the sports we love.

What’s it about?

The idea and name were always there, staring us right in the face, the pivotal part of a Surfboard, the pivotal part of a windsurf board, the pivotal part of a kite board. The rockerline!

Where do u see ya self in 2 years?

In two years we are hoping to be established at key festivals and events, such as the Boardmasters in Newquay, and would be stoked to see our clothes worn by those who share our passion for just getting out there and getting amongst it.

Do your family share the same interests?

Family life is nuts, we have the philosophy of giving everything a go, and if you don’t like it then at least you tried. My lad is keen on his scooter and loves his skateboard, and my daughter, well she’s tried sailing though to gymnastics! As for my wife, she’s stoked to be part of it all.

What do you think to having a local mag like gossip?

It’s always cool to get the low down on your village especially if we can help grow the local economy and support local businesses. All our work is local and we look after those who have helped us out on the way and especially won’t forget those as we plan for world domination!

Have you got any merchandise for sale yet?

Our website is live and we are adding products every month. Hoodies and beanies are fresh in for the autumn.

Check us out at:


Rockerline spotted in Mpora Wake Advert

Sponsored wakeboarder Brad Beech has been spotted in a Robin Hood Water Sports advert in wakeboard magazine Mpora recently.


We love the way Brads flying the rockeline flag with the large sticker across his board and kudos to photographer Ian Trundell for capturing this great photo.


Check out the wakeboard orientated designs coming soom to our t-shirts section soon.

Rockerline featured in Press Editorial

Rockerline lifestyle clothing has appeared in the press this month featured in an editorial in Your Mag.
To view an online copy of YourMag click here

The article reads:

20 Year Pipe Dream

“We are all about getting amongst it and having a go – whether this be surfing, skateboarding, kiting, climbing, wakeboarding, biking, snowboarding or windsurfing. We draw inspiration from nature’s routes, lines, waves and runs to inspire our brand.”
In 1992, student Darren Bristow started to produce oneoff T-shirts for his friends to help support his studies at Rotherham College of Arts and Technology. Twenty years on he is married with a family and working during the week as a computing lecturer, whilst enjoying extreme sports at the weekend.


lt was his interest in extreme sports that led him to paint surf-style designs onto Tshirts during his college days – designs that have stood the test of time on clothing that is still being worn (albeit a little threadbare!). Despite his choice of career, the idea of one day owning a global surf brand and seeing people wear his designs has been the pipe-dream for the last 20 years, and now with the help of friend and fellow extreme sports enthusiast Matt Bartlam, he believes the time is right to make that dream become a reality.


Together they have created their own global surfing brand – Rockerline Clothing – which produces quality clothing for men and women that is designed to withstand the demands of the sports they love – surfing, skateboarding, kiting, climbing, biking, snowboarding and windsurfing – whilst still retaining their wearability for everyday life.


They believe that their firsthand, personal knowledge of the sports they have enjoyed for the past 20 years enables them to understand what makes extreme sports clothing work, and already their lifestyle clothing has been endorsed by one of the UK’s largest surf brands.


Their company is just a small seed at the moment, with only a few T-shirts in the range, but their plan is to compete with the best and provide quality clothing that also has minimal impact on the environment. Both Darren and Matt live in North Anston and they understand the importance of keeping it local, even though they think globally. They use local businesses MoJo Photography and OneCiick Print to help Support the local economy.


As for where they will be in 20 years’ time, well that’s a tricky one… but hopefully your wardrobe favourite!

Rockerline sponsor new Junior Rider (Wakeboard)


Harrison Gaunt (AKA ‘H’) has recently secured not ONE, but TWO sponsorship deals in his support and development as a Sheffield Cable Wakeboard rider.


The Silver Award Cutting Edge rider has secured deals with Rockerline Clothing and Ten Feet High.


‘We need to acknowledge and support all the young riders today as the potential champions of tomorrow, our support through sponsorship for ‘H’ is a gesture towards our commitment to all young riders and the future of wakeboarding’ Andrew Grainger…Ten Feet High.


‘Rockerline Clothing is a wake, surf and skate brand, ‘H’ is the perfect role model in supporting our youth clothing line, his commitment and development over the start of this season has been impressive to say the least and we are proud to sponsor such talent and potential’ Daz Bristow….Rockerline Clothing.

Bear Surfboards Keith Beddoe wears Rockerline

Legendary surfboard Designer and Shaper – Keith Beddoe at Bear surfboards is now rocking it the rockerline way.



Keith Says:

KB and his little Granddaughter “Maraeniwi” try out a new line in Logo Tee’s…. the New “Rockerline” brand.

The Logo and the name strike a note with me…. as the Rockerline is possibly the most important design tool in making a longboard what it is…
ie. more rocker equals more turn and performance
and less rocker equals more retro feel and nose time
the secret is how to mix and match to get the board that is correct for you… and thats the bit I do.
The retro feel to the Rockerline “Wave” Logo is also pretty cool…
…Daz from Rockerline says that a childs range is on the way…. well lets hope it comes soon as the “Little’un” keeps tripping up in hers…”

Thanks Keith we’ve enjoyed riding your boards over the years, keep up the great work.


For Custom surfboards and true craftmanship visit Keith at his website: www.kbsurfboards.co.uk