Dave Whiston

Stance:  As wide as possible, Duck 13deg -13deg on all my sports…. Goofy preferred on a snowboard, although snowkiting forces you to ride well in both directions!

Team Rider for CORE Kites UK and Brunotti


CORE Kites 13m Impact, 10m GTS2, 8m GTS2

Bolt 141 with Ronix Code 55’s Bindings Board

Choice 139 Straps Board

Riding Cleethorpes, Blackpool, Hunny….. anywhere it’s windy! Hoping to get front and back mobes on a kite consistent this year, back to blinds must be in there somewhere just all about finding the commitment to throw them.  Would like unhooked toeside fronts as well.  Loving the feeling of toeside tricks at the moment! Strange having to load from un-natural positions and loading for rotations 😉

Encouraging others to develop their own freestyle, a few new kids (groms) starting to give me a run for the money on the local beaches….. maybe even have to go down the woo route at some point and give the old guys something to aim at!

Would like to do national circuit in seniors maybe this year….. see how the events lay with dates! Should be a good Virgin kite armada, and NWF (National Watersports Festival) this year….


Still loving getting mental on the snow, had a couple of super powered sessions (8m full de power 45mph+) and two underpowered ones in England this year, hoping for some more before winter is over! Possibly a mellow freestyle one would be really nice!

Wake boarding

Vampire 142 PARK with Ronix Code 55’s

So after an appalling Wakeboard nationals where I crashed on simple tricks on every run, I can’t explain how gutted I was, not to stick a decent run down.  Maybe this year! We will see….. We will still be riding hard at Sheffield Cable Ski, and I am hoping to get the illusive S to Blind landed, we will see!


Libtech SkateBanana 156 Anniversary Edition

Couldn’t resist the 2010 Anniversary sk8 banana! The top sheet is Very yellow and the bottom black! Great for snowkiting and snowboard park riding! At least they will see me coming!

Still progressing my snowboarding, looking forward to riding Castleford Snozone more now they regularly have the airbag out on freestyle nights……!

Still not got any faster than 96 km/h, but the magic 100 is getting close (not bad on a park board)

Longboarding and Mountainbiking

Skatecraft Custom Twin Longboard Carbon Layup

You’ll find us blipping around whenever there is nothing else going on!

Mountain Biking – just picked up my bosses old dual suspension Cannondale Prophet this year! Enjoying the downhill and the jumps whilst strengthening by injured knee,  already hit the deck more than once and am expecting a few more over the learning period 🙂