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My name is Jack Stannard i’m currently 15 years old and currently living in Kent, my passion is windsurfing, I’ve been doing it for about 5 years now, I started windsurfing because of my dad and without him and the help from Rye Water sports I wouldn’t be where i am to day. I started out by racing for a few years competing and training all over the country, I’ve stopped racing and got heavily into wave sailing which i believe is the best part of windsurfing.

My local beach is Camber sands which I think is one of the best wave sailing venues in England and i’m lucky enough to live 5 minutes away. The feeling of going as fast as you possibly can and seeing the perfect wave in front of you and launching of it and flying above the water and trying crazy moves is the best thing in the world. This year I really want to train hard for the first half and make sure my tricks are perfect and my sailing is near perfect, Id then like to start competing near to the end of the year and spend winter training and all of 2018 traveling over England and competing. My overall goal would be to be able to compete in the PWA world tour when I’m older and be able to travel doing what is the best sport in the world.

Achievements: I started out racing so won many of my local T15 events always getting top 3, from doing the series of 4 races it added up to me with the best results becoming South East champion, competed in the Zone South/South East championships which was over the course of 2 days and I won overall, first ever national championships i got 11th overall, when i was racing I also got into Zone Squad which is a team where you are trained by some of the best coaches around in England in order to get them into the Olympic system within the next up and coming years.

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