James Battye

Age: 18

Stance: Port

Social Network Link: Blog: www.gbr939.com

Sponsors: RRD, Severne, Ifju Fins, Juice Board sports.

About you: So a little bit about me, I’ve always been into sports, I swam competitively at a young age and rock climbed competitively too.
I started windsurfing at the age of 12, and spent 2 years floating around on the Techno 293 for my local windsurfing Club, I have to admit I wasn’t the best at this due to being around 5”11 and 73kg at 14.

But I was given the opportunity to try out Formula Windsurfing byChris Bond who went on to win the 2014 U.K Title.

Its safe to say I fell in love with it and have continued it to this day. I also started Slalom racing in 2015 as it felt like a natural progression with formula and I am loving it as well. As well as the windsurfing I’m a big fan of art and photography and study Graphic Design at college, so when I’m not out training or in the gym you will either find me out taking photos, designing or out at an exhibition.

Achievements to date:

2011 -U.K. Formula Youth champion

2012 -U.K. Formula Youth Champion

2013 -U.K. Formula Youth Champion, 4th Formula World U17

2014 – U.K. Formula Youth Champion

2015 –
U.K. Formula Youth Champion
U.K. National 11 Formula Champion
U.K. Youth and Masters 1st Overall
U.K Formula Inland Series 1st Overall
6th Slalom Overall Amateur
Polish Łeba Lotto Cup 2nd Formula Youth
Polish Łeba Lotto Cup 2nd Slalom Youth
Polish Łeba Lotto Cup 2nd S.U.P Youth
Fastest newcomer Weymouth speed week, 19th Place Gold Fleet