Jenny Jones

Name: Jenny Jones

Age: 25

Stance: natural

Instagram: jennyjones93

Twitter: Jenny_Jones093

Sponsors: Rockerline Clothing

Myself: Originally from Wiltshire, I got the surfbug around 5 years ago when I moved to Cornwall and settled myself down along the north coast. I was pretty clueless at the start, but just knew this was the sport for me and surfed come rain, storm, hail or shine. For the past year or so I have really fallen in love with longboarding, it’s much more my style – smooth gliding and chilled.

Goals: To keep on free surfing, having fun in the water and see what life has in store for me. I use to be a massive planner, boiling everything down to the last detail.. but the Cornish lifestyle eventually changed that. I am now just interested in seeing where life takes me and watching myself progress. Surfing with Fibromyalgia always puts a switch on things – I went from whitewater and lasting only 30 minutes, to blues waves for hours (on the right day) – Who knows how far I’ll be able to go! We will just have to wait and see.

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