Joe ‘Dickie’ Matthews – 5x World Transplant Games Gold Medalist

Age: 27

Stance: Regular

Twitter: @heartboi    Instagram: heartboi

Sponsors: Transplant Sport UK & ROCKERLINE Clothing

  • World’s Fastest Man on 2nd Heart (I like that one)
  • 5 times World Transplant Games Gold Medalist

World & British Transplant Games:

  • World Shot Put Champion (Gold)
  • 100m (Bronze)
  • Long Jump (Silver)
  • 4 x 100m World Relay (Silver)
  • 4 x 400m World Relay (Gold)

Cycling- British Transplant Games:

  • Time Trial (Silver)
  • Road Race (Bronze)

World Winter Transplant Games:

  • Snowboard [Slalom] (Gold)

All round adrenaline junky who lives life like it should be lived. I received a donor heart back in 2006 and made a promise to my donors family that a good life would be lived for their loved one through me!

I guess I’ve stuck to that promise and will continue to inspire anyone who is at rock bottom just like I was that anything is possible. If you put your mind to it you can achieve anything. It just depends on how badly you want it? I guess I’m living proof of that.

To go from a 19 year old who was just turning into a professional rugby player, to knocking on deaths door then to where I am right now is probably my biggest achievement. But hey life is for living and that’s all I’m doing really.

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