Matt Eddershaw

Age: 39

Stance: Goofy


Job: Representing Tushingham Sails, Starboard Windsurfing & Severne Sails as a Team Rider and Promo agent.

Job: Windsurfing, Watersports and Activities Instructor at Rother Valley Country Park.

Sponsors:  Tushingham Sails, Starboard Windsurfing,  Severne Sails & Rockerline Clothing

Bio: I totally thrive on Windsurfing and Board sports, I love all aspects of windsurfing and everything it has to offer. From Wave, Freestyle, Free ride and Slalom. This year I am working hard on the BSA Slalom Circuit and really enjoyed the first couple of races, of which I manged to score a second place podium in Weymouth.

Next year I am excited about the possibility of  moving on to the Pro Circuit in Slalom after the results come together this year. Fitness is really big for me as well and totally helps drive my windsurfing forward. Without a good fitness regime and diet I don’t think my windsurfing would have progressed as good as it has. So here’s to a rad year. Catch you on the water. Matt