Product Description

Pro Custom Longboard Noserider  – Gloss Polish, Wood and Nose Tail Blocks.

9’ 1” x 23” x 2 7/8” Square Tail –  Box + FCS

This type of board is all about Style and Flavour, and is a premium finish.  If you like a very stable platform on which to surf, like an easy take off,  enjoy effortless glide with the odd walk to the nose, then this board is for you.

Features – Cut Laps on the Rails and Deck Patch with Nose and Tail Woodies to give this board the retro look . Shaping wise this board is very forgiving. The bottom shape is a more Rolled and Rounded than Vee” and rail shape is  “soft” so forgiving,  so suits wide very wide audience

Suitability… Would suit a up and coming surfer, due to it’s stability, or a seasoned surfer. If you can afford an extra board in your quiver, this is the one to have. Looks great, and in waist high or less puts the biggest smile on your face.

Size and Finish Notes… This board can be made in a few different widths and thicknesses, to suit lighter or heavier guys. Finish  full Gloss and Polish with Wood Nose and Tail Blocks.

Burford Blanks are used as the base quality product. Burford have been creating blanks since 1966 and are experts on the process.

All Boards are hand crafted, with a lead time on production of approximately  3-4 weeks.

Collection is Preferred.