Product Description

Performance Custom Longboard Noserider aka “The Bruce”

9’ 1” x 23” x 2 7/8” Pin Tail-  Box + FCS

The Bruce – Aimed at the guy who can surf, (able to catch an unbroken wave and do a proper bottom turn). The wide point is back from the centre, and this combined with the pintail makes for a generous curve in the “hip”. This board will turn easily. The nose is wide enough for some proper “tip” time.

Suitability… Up and coming guys who want to progress or fully fledged mal riders who want to perform…. I ride this model myself, as soon as the waves are chest high.

Size and Finish Notes… This board can be made in a few different widths and thicknesses, to suit lighter or heavier guys, but all of the Noserider Performers have the same characteristics. Finish is Laquer / Speedcote to keep the weight down.

All Boards are hand crafted, with a lead time on production of approximately  3-4 weeks.

Collection is Preferred.